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BNC is a global Korean company founded in 2016

We focus on the optimal distribution network as well as safely supplying medical products with the latest technologies and innovative solutions.

Our biggest goal is to introduce unique and safe products that can satisfy our users by providing them with natural youth and health.

BNC offers products that meet international standards such as CE and is working with top experts in the field of a medical products to attract satisfy customers in the global market.

BNC is market leader today because of its never ending desire to bring technologically advanced, effective and safe products.

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Flore Lidocaine N


Flore Lidocaine Max


Flore Lidocaine Max 1400






Seoul Korea Office

  • +82-32-822-9958
  • info@mybnc.com
  • 691, Songdo Tecno IT Center 32,Sondogwahak ,Governing City, Seoul Korea